FONN unveils heavenly electro-pop infused single ‘Good Light In’

Originally hailing from the Devonshire countryside singer-songwriter FONN aka Fionn Connolly who now calls London home has just released his first single of 2021. The pop infused, echoingly beautiful ‘Good Light In’ is layered with sophisticated synth work and soft, yet captivating vocals that detail the struggles of mental health.

Despite describing difficulties enveloped in such sadness, ‘Good Light In’ leaves you feeling uplifted, seen and full of hope for the future. A tough topic to translate, this newest single is a testament to FONN’s songwriting expertise and his ability to connect with his audience on such a deep and authentic level. Inspired by and often experimenting with elements from alt rock, indie folk and 80s inspired prog pop, ‘Good Light In’ is certainly a refreshing mix of sounds and conjures a myriad of feelings.

We eagerly await what comes next in FONN’s artistic journey.

“This song is really about finding hope, dealing with issues of isolation and depression, and living for yourself.” – FONN

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