Tizane is fighting her demons in her latest alternative, dark-pop single,’Dead To Me’

Kent-based musician and upcoming artist Tizane unveils her latest single, the dark and dazzling, ‘Dead To Me’. The song follows on from her previous release, ‘Are You Bad’ released last year to a welcomed reception from fans and press alike. Now, returning with her first single of the new year, Tizane offers out a fearless exploitation of the battles she has fought with her mental health.

Having battled with extreme anxiety, depression and other mental health issues during her formative years, Tizane has managed to fight and overcome a whole host of inner demons and discouraging voices that seemed impossible to face at the time. Over it and out the other side, Tizane is now sharing her story with the world, ‘Dead To Me’ is therefore a song of triumph over adversity despite its gloomy outlook and painful, personal details.

Gloriously encompassed in dark, mysterious and alluring melodies, ‘Dead To Me’ is an intense, raw and disarmingly sincere indie, alt-rock anthem. Lyrically impassioned and delivered with the utmost care and compassion, Tizane delivers a brilliant, bold and inspiring vocal performance against a backdrop of deep wavering synths and light punctual percussion that create an ominous and gloomy atmosphere that accentuate and emphasise the mood of the song.

‘Dead To Me’ is the latest single from a collection of self produced ballads that are set to make up her debut album Cherry. Cherry is set to be released in late February and is sure to further solidify Tizane’s position as an upcoming alt-pop icon.

Listen to Tizane – Dead To Me


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