Valentino Khan drops ‘Deathproof’, yet another intense house EP track

Our new favourite house troubadour Valentino Khan is keeping our desire to boogie satiated with yet another tune from his upcoming French Fried EP.

Like ‘Blackmail’, Khan looks back to his youth and early ventures into French electro and blog haus to inform his latest track ‘Deathproof’. It’s an intense, balls to the wall, four to the wall house track that builds energy up to dizzying heights, leaving us with a pleasant sense of sonic vertigo.

“My introduction to dance music over a decade ago came from passing by my brother’s room and hearing the distorted electronic sounds that were coming overseas from Europe.  This music was fresh to my American ears and created a new culture that motivated me to push boundaries as a producer. 

This next series of releases blends my own sounds with the inspirations I’ve drawn from this era of dance music. In doing that, I’m looking to continue to evolve as an artist by bringing a fresh perspective to the table sonically. I truly am looking forward to sharing these upcoming records with everyone and showing why I’m so passionate about dance music.“ –Valentino Khan

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