Berne reveal their new eco-friendly EP ‘Stay’.

After a string of releases throughout the year, London-based alternative indie-pop duo, Berne reveal their new eco-friendly EP entitled Stay, named after their previously released single of the same name.

Five tracks long, Stay offers a compilation of three previously released songs as well as a bonus track and a brand new single. As well as this, Berne have also revealed a brand new, low-impact website that launched alongside the EP.

Existing fans of the Maltese-born duo will know of the pairs passion for environmentalism and conservation, and those who don’t know will soon find out as their EP is filled to the brim with conscious, thought provoking tunes.

“Our debut EP is a reflection of what keeps us up at night. It comes at a time when humans need to work together towards common goals more than ever. We really believe that small changes will collectively make a big impact and that is the common thread in all the songs.” – Berne. 

Kicked off with their third release, ‘Stay’, an ethereal, electro-pop anthem and the project’s namesake. The EP takes you through a journey of heartfelt, planet-friendly pop tunes filled with Deborah Borg Brincat’s distinctive, high and haunting vocals delicately harmonising with a heavenly choir, and Gianluca Pulvirenti’s reverb laden guitar chords expertly placed on top.

“‘Stay’ asks planet Earth to stand by us, to give us time to make positive change and overcome the climate challenges we are faced with.”


The following track ‘Heat’, is also a climate emergency anthem which goes on to shed light on the perils the earth is facing in these troubled times. Berne have never been ones to shy away from confronting difficult topics and harsh truths in their music and this EP is a shining example of the strength and talent of these two eco-warriors.

‘To the Lions’ and their debut single ‘Oceans’ further illustrate issues which are both dear to the band’s heart and pressing global matters which are often ignored and pushed to the side. Berne exists to attempt to alter this narrative, using their unique brand of pop music as a catalyst towards change.

‘To the Lions’, the penultimate song, was the band’s first release of the year and touches on themes of speciesism and the stress suffered by animals in confined spaces. Layered vocals continually plead “save me” over gentle piano chords, whilst the lyrics speak from the captive animal’s point of view, painfully repeating “I’m dying slowly and you don’t even notice.”

The closing track ‘Oceans’ rounds up the EP with a rumbling, drum-filled plea to the people of Earth, asking us to be more giving and more accepting of one another. The song was inspired by an incident back in December 2018 when a group of migrants were left stranded at sea by the Greek government. ‘Oceans’ reflects on the global refugee crisis and delicately yet directly confronts peoples ideas on migration, xenophobia and nationalism in just over three minutes.

Using their combined musical gifts and passion for conservation and eco-friendly living, this dynamic duo create their own unique genre of music which they aptly term ‘Earth-pop’. Deborah and Gianluca both have an incredible ability to tackle difficult and often depressing issues with a tact and overall charm that’s difficult to muster. Berne continue to break the mould and educate the masses with every new release, making them noteworthy pioneers of a new age of ‘vegan’ Earth-pop.

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