Ruby Red go ‘All Night Long’ in their new retro music video

Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine have been creating music together since they were in school. These days, the Oakland-born duo are making a name for themselves constructing “the soundtrack to early adulthood” with low-key synth-pop tunes that cross musical boundaries and transcend genre.

Now, the two friends are known as alternative indie-pop outfit Ruby Red and they’ve return to our screens with a trippy, retro-style video for their single ‘All Night Long’, taken from their ‘Area of Effect’ EP released earlier this year.

The visuals for ‘All Night Long’ begin as a very ordinary looking weekday afternoon. A young couple lounge around in front of a TV watching a seemingly ordinary but rather dated looking music video which soon turns into a psychedelic, mildly-erotic fantasy.

As the most upbeat song that Ruby Red have made so far, ‘All Night Long’ was in need of a video treatment that did it justice and Daniel and Fernando certainly delivered. The L.A based musicians created an out-of-this world synth-fuelled scoundcape on this track and a made a video that is equally other-wordly.

“We love music videos that look cool just for the sake of looking cool, but I think we wanted to challenge ourselves (and the people we worked on it with) to give ‘All Night Long’ more of a narrative — all the while the song was weird yet fun, upbeat, and not too serious because that’s how we were living at the time.”


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