Contemporary alt-pop artist Aria Jay drops ‘Cried All On My Own’

This is our first encounter with Brooklyn alt-pop artist Aria Jay and we can safely say that we’re blown away by her latest single ‘Cried All On My Own’. It’s a sophisticated mix of retro synths, fresh production, layered textures, dusky R&B vocals and strong pop melodies that tie everything together. This song is all about cathartic release of emotion and acceptance that people and circumstances change. Although this song could all too easily stray into an Adele-like heartbreak ballad, Aria Jay keeps it fresh and hopeful in style more akin to BANKS or Lykke Li.

The visuals are as slick and mesmerizing as we could expect from Jay, showing a rich array of colour palettes. Despite the simplicity of this video, it’s full of meaningly looks and subtle movements from this natural performer.

‘Cried All On My Own’ is a shamelessly stylish alt-pop meets synth-R&B track. We LOVE it!

“To me, “Cried All On My Own” is about choosing yourself, even when it’s hard or it hurts to do so.”

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