Powerhouse soul and gospel energy in LHĒON’s ‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’

Make way for some powerhouse vocals right now as you hit play on LHĒON’s ‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’. This song is all about the emotional turmoil that one might experience in a toxic relationship, which is very much evoked by the singer being surrounded by endless reams of chains, rope and tape in the music video.

For the first two minutes, ‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’ is a big burst of energetic gospel vibes fronted by LHĒON’s epically soulful voice, but after that first couple of minutes, the track swerves into a more somber tone, perhaps reflecting the downturn in emotional intensity. However, after twenty seconds of this piano ballad, we swing straight back into the song’s full frontal sound.

As you’ll see in the video, LHĒON has also called on the bodily expression of dancer Jaala Jenses to portray the conflicting emotions through her frenzied choreography.

“IHTWILY is about the conflicting feelings of knowing someone is bad for you but still being unable to let go.”

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