Alternative punk-rockers Kath & the Kicks return with the explosive new single, ‘I’m Alive’

Leeds-based, alternative punk-rock crew, Kath and the Kicks return with the explosive new single, ‘I’m Alive’. Laden with piercing electronic guitars, lively percussion and raspy, rock vocals, ‘Im Alive’ perfectly captures the band’s harcore ‘punch you in the face’ type of rock.

As their fourth studio release, following on from ‘Underground‘ unveiled last year, ‘I’m Alive’ begins to reintroduce the trio as one’s to watch for the coming year, known to be an enthralling act both on and off the stage, due to their undeniable charisma and chemistry as a group. Fronted by Kath Edmonds (Vocals & Guitar) and supported by Shaneen Mooney (Bass) and Matt Larkin (Drums), Kath and the Kicks is a trailblazing band that’s making their mark through their dedication to empowering fans to take control of their lives. ‘I’m Alive’ calls for ts listeners to stand up for what they believe in and encourages them to talk about important issues and causes just as the band aim to do themselves.

Listen to Kath & the Kicks – ‘I’m Alive’


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