ZELAH wow with their strongest track yet, ‘Let Go’

We’ve been following the trail of London-based duo ZELAH since the release of their single ‘Static’ earlier this year. Staying true to their mood alt-pop and subtly RnB influence sound, the songwriting pair elevate this style even further in new release ‘Let Go’.

Immediately, we’re struck with a chest-vibrating bass setting the heavily atmospheric tone for ZELAH’s third song of the year. It develops into an intricate electro-pop composition with emphasis placed on Zelah Van-Gowler’s soaring emotive vocal.

Revealing the back story to ‘Let Go’, ZELAH tell us that:

‘Let Go’ is much newer than the others, written in the autumn of 2019 when we had this yearning for a more alternative sound and approach. You can hear this on a previous single of ours ‘Adrenaline’. I’ve always been massively into bands such as Yonaka, Peace, Glass Animals and Arctic Monkeys. This combined with a love of Banks, London Grammar, Alt-J and Lorde has guided us into this darker pop sound world which sometimes tends to lead us in a heavier direction with writing. Let Go is definitely the darkest track on the EP and is mostly an expression of needing to feel something genuine in amongst a lot of other shallow and unfulfilling things.

‘Let Go’ is also released as part of ZELAH’s debut EP, which we highly recommend you go listen to here.





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