Dive into the dreamy sounds of ZELAH’s new single ‘Static’

Somewhere between daydreams and hedonistic wakefulness is where you’ll find the sound of ZELAH. The duo hailing from London have masterfully carved a sophisticated song of dreamy pop melodies, undertones of electronica and smokey guitar refrains throughout their new single ‘Static’.

The heavy atmosphere throughout this track reflects the mindset of two people who are inexplicably drawn together. Whether for good or ill is irrelevant; this is a moment to be lived in the present.

Speaking about ‘Static’, singer Zelah Van-Gowler shares:

“It’s like that unspoken magnetism towards a person that just completely captivates you for a certain time, and you can’t quite pinpoint what it is about them. You’re left wondering if they felt that same thing or maybe it’s all in your own head (and sometimes it is), but there’s just something extremely magical about it.”





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