Premiere: Folk-pop duo All Faces release delicious new single for 2020 -‘Tiramisu’.

Folk- pop duo, All Faces, have released their first single of 2020, the tantalisingly tasty, ‘Tiramisu’. Unlike the name suggest, this is not a song in which the boy, girl pair – Ben and Daphne, express their undying love for the Italian desert (sorry foodies). But it is equally as fulfilling and just as delicious. With delicate, celestial vocals that compliment each other so seamlessly they sound as if they were simply made to be heard side by side.

Subtle synths start the track, layering and building to create a sophisticated soundscape making the perfect pillow for those luscious harmonies to sink upon. A song-bed made of exemplary sounds, in which enveloping amongst the emotive melodies is a must. Ascending skywards to a chiming choral chorus, this song leaves you feeling full to the brim. Props to the producer Dario Scotti, the guitarist Telmo Seixas, and the gathering of BV’s who each added their own individual energy into this lovingly crafted little number.

After shooting a Mahogany session last summer and countless support from Alex Rainbird over on YouTube to name just a smidgen of the pairs success to date, 2020 is set to be another rather eventful year for the favourable folk band and we look forward to following.

Tiramisu is the bitter reminiscence of a relationship. It is about asking for closure while trying to move on. Daphne’s vocal performance conveys the heart-breaking & emotional journey from the beginning of a relationship to its end. The silence and the pauses throughout the song highlight the loneliness of her situation while the big choruses emphasise the pain she is expressing.

Fun fact: the name Tiramisu comes from an argument that Daphne and Ben had about, well, not cake but a cake was involved.  – All Faces.



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