Sink into the luscious sounds of Latir’s ‘Juvenile Forever’

London artist Latir recently released his first full collection of songs, titled UNTIL FOREVER. From the EP, we’ve already covered ‘Wallflower’ and ‘Blue Roses’, and so making it hat trick, we’d like to focus in on newly unveiled track ‘Juvenile Forever’.

In contrast to the Peter Pan-esque song title, ‘Juvenile Forever’ is in fact about the passing of time, about growing and learning from life’s experiences and trying to make sense of it all. This is revealed through floaty lyrics such as, “as I get older, / I try to find who I become.”

The chorus literally “blooms” with energy, like the flowering of eureka in the mind. It’s rich with future-soul and dreamy RnB; a signature combination from Latir. The refinement of which demonstrates how the British musician has embraced his intuitive songwriting.





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