Latir and Luvian team up for soulful single ‘Wallflower’

Following Latir‘s Valentine’s Day release ‘Blue Roses’, the London singer-songwriter and Leeds producer Luvian are back together for new single ‘Wallflower’. As with the last track, this one is a breezy take on contemporary soul and RnB with Latir’s smooth vocal guiding our ears along the Luvian’s dynamic production.

While on the outset, ‘Wallflower’ is another loved-up soul ballad, yet Latir’s muse is double-faceted. For the artist, his muse, an individualistic and idealistic persona who he desires to both fall in love with and aspires to be like.

“This was actually the first creation Alex (Luvian) and I ever got started on, we made the verses on my birthday a while back but couldn’t get the chorus quite right that day, a year later we revisited it and the chorus came like a spark out of no where, and I think we have both have been in love with the tune ever since! For me it represents all the things I love with music, classic melodies, a fun story line, a serious bounce and a concept that has been close to the heart since I could remember! This one is a staple piece for me for sure.”

Watch the music video for ‘Wallflower’ below, directed by Dudley Ngango and starring Latir Thakur, Michele Desfontaine, Nicole Joseph, Olivia J. Nelson and Sabina Awuni.





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