PREMIERE: Gloriously golden duo Bad Honey drop electro, soul-pop EP – ‘Awake Tonight’.

Seeming to know exactly what we need at a time like this, South Londons gloriously golden and nectareous duo Bad Honey have dropped their latest firebomb of an EP, a journey into electro soul-pop with flecks of rejuvenating Jazz tones oozing throughout, this is an EP you will keep you ‘Awake Tonight’.

Following on from their latest single which had us going around in ‘Circles’ for, ‘Awake Tonight’ features not only that cyclical number but also the previously released ‘Easily’ among two new tunes, ‘Stillness’ and ‘Blissfully Unaware’. This EP epitomises and encapsulates the pairs sound to an absolute T, smooth, slow and utterly soulful, it’s the perfect soundtrack for a calming quarantine.

Radiating everything we love about that sticky sweet syrup; Bad Honey echo a
sound that is both delicate and dreamy. Combining the purest sounding vocals,
selective synths and bouncing beats, resulting in the most succulent of sweet spots – a beautiful blend of alternative soul and lo-fi electronics.

Stream away ‘Awake Tonight’ today and all night…


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