RAC debuts first single – ‘Stuck on You (ft. Phil Good)’ from upcoming album, BOY.

RAC, also known as Grammy award winning producer and songwriter, André Allen Anjos, has debuted his first single – ‘Stuck On You (ft Phil Good)’. Taken off of his up coming album, ‘BOY’. This first encounter is but a small taste of the alternative electro-pop fuelled project due to be premiered in May this year.

Filled with light, candy-like synths, nothing short of nostalgia and a catchy yet simple hook featuring the title of the song itself, this is an airy, bright tune with buoyant bouncing beats that is uncomplicated yet unequivocally and unmistakably RAC.

“The core of the song felt so honest and relatable. No matter where you are in life, I think it rings true. Phil is so good at capturing big ideas in concise ways and I wanted the musical side to mirror that.” – RAC


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