Introducing Brighton’s Belles with indie-pop romper ‘Pass It On’

Combining the lightness of indie-pop with the dexterity of synth-rock, ‘Pass It On’ from Brighton-based quartet Belles is a playful look at life’s daily struggles. Originally released on March 13th, the single comes to us as a fresh music video in which the band present their carefree attitude through trips to the local park, pub and of course a studio performance of ‘Pass It On’.

Before we dutifully instruct you to watch the video, here’s a lovely little quote from Belles’ front man George Clark:

“Pass It On means a lot to us as a band. It’s nice to able to reflect upon the fact that the problems we face daily often aren’t as deep as we think. We hope that people listening to the song can share this feeling with us. This was also our first venture into writing a track with a pop direction in mind, which has been a really fun process.”

Okay, now watch away!





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