CHAiLD’s Urgent Care EP is a raw and vulnerable journey of self-discovery

Rising pop artist CHAiLD hails from Luxembourg and is now based in Brussels, unveils his latest EP, titled Urgent Care, a poignant collection of songs that delve into his personal struggles and quest for self-acceptance. Drawing inspiration from artists like Troye Sivan and Sam Smith, CHAiLD brings forth his own unique blend of pop, infused with his Italian roots. At just 25-years-old, this steadily climbing artist has already achieved notable milestones in his career, including opening for musical idols like Dean Lewis and Mahmood, as well as captivating audiences at renowned festivals such as Sonic Vision Festival and Dockville.

With Urgent Care, CHAiLD opens up about his experiences with anxiety and channels his emotions into soulful melodies and honest lyrics. The title track sets the tone, displaying his willingness to confront his struggles head-on and seek the help he needs. Throughout the EP, the creative courageously explores his past traumas, shedding light on the importance of vulnerability and self-care.

The Urgent Care EP is an emotionally charged and unfiltered journey that invites listeners to connect with CHAiLD’s personal story of healing and self-discovery. Through his music, he reminds us that it’s okay to embrace our vulnerabilities and reach out for support.

“Urgent care” is my way of opening up to myself and to others. Throughout my life, I thought vulnerability was a flaw and that showing weakness resulted in an open invitation for people to hurt me. However now, I know I am allowed to tell people I’m not ok. It is ok to break down and to accept the fact that the world feels just a bit too much to handle from time to time. So, from now on, I will try to heal from the hurt I’ve been carrying within me. And most importantly, instead of dealing with it alone, I will ask for help. Yes, I am in urgent need for care.

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