Effin takes eclecticism to new heights with ‘Get It On’

Nashville-based artist Effin is set to captivate listeners with his latest single ‘Get It On’. Drawing inspiration from the rich musical heritage of motown and soul, this artist’s eclectic style shines through in this remarkable track. ‘Get It On’ seamlessly blends samples from the 50s and 70s with a hard-hitting bass sound, showcasing Effin’s originality and diverse musical taste.

While Effin has always possessed raw talent and a drive for creative endeavors, he recently discovered that music is more than just a passion—it’s a way of life. With a newfound ambition and a desire to connect with his audience, Effin aims to create a sense of community through his music. As he tirelessly works on his upcoming album, set to release later this year, this artist breaks down barriers and puts his own unique twist on beloved classics, resulting in a vibrant collage of sounds.

“Get It On” offers a tantalizing glimpse into Effin’s nonconformist sound design, leaving listeners craving more. With an upcoming album on the horizon, he promises to unveil even greater depths of his raw talent and creative prowess. It’s a vintage explosion of sound, a sonic journey through decades brought into the 21st century. It’s a track meant to be played loud, crafted for the road, and serves as an alluring taste of what’s to come from this extraordinary artist.

“Get it on is a tease of everything to come from me. A vintage explosion of sound, this one has been a staple in my sets. It’s a collage of decades of sound brought into the 21st century. This one’s built for the road and meant to be played loud.”

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