Mini Melon Mix Ups: Sheep Davis, Sam Cotton, Olamide x CKay, Christian Löffler feat. Mogli, Jason Jet, Concept x Apbeatz, Bad Boy Timz feat. Zlatan, R3HAB x INNA, Killertunes feat. Not3s & Bz

It’s time for another edition of Min Melon Mix Ups, where we bring you the latest and greatest in new music. From foot-tapping beats to heartwarming melodies, we have it all in this carefully curated selection. Whether you’re in the mood to dance, feel the emotions, or unwind with some indie tunes, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey with our magnificent mix of new music!

Sheep Davis, a dynamic husband and wife duo, effortlessly blend pop, rock, funk, and R&B to create a genre-defying sound that’s all about having fun. Their latest single ‘Sunny Side Down’ bursts with infectious energy that immediately captivates listeners. The lead vocals shine with clarity and power, while the playful guitar and drums beautifully complement the vocalist. It’s feel-good music at its finest. With ‘Sunny Side Down’, Sheep Davis delivers a delightful and relatable musical experience.

“We’re a husband and wife music duo combining Pop Soul, Contemporary R&B, and Funk to make something new. Now, imagine you’re a puddle that relies on the sun to soak you up so you can complete your water cycle. Now imagine the sun’s been cheating on you with other puddles, ducking in and out of storms, and chasing rainbows. This is your breakup song.”

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Sam Cotton, a 19-year-old rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from South West London, grapples with the decision to pursue music full-time in his latest single ‘Find My Way’. This heartfelt composition explores the complexities of life choices and the accompanying uncertainty, resonating deeply with the rapper and his circle of friends. Influenced by his mother’s love for jazz, soul, and hip-hop, Cotton found solace and inspiration during the pandemic, honing his production skills and utilizing TikTok as a catalyst for his debut commercial song. With his remarkable musical versatility and evocative melodies, Sam Cotton’s star is destined to rise, as showcased in ‘Find My Way’ and his upcoming EP.

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Nigerian music icon Olamide teams up with CKay for their infectious new single ‘Trumpet.’ The track opens with a serene oceanic ambiance, setting the stage for their seamless vocal chemistry. Over a mid-tempo beat, the collaborating artists deliver soothing melodies and clever wordplay, creating an irresistible atmosphere. The accompanying colorful music video adds an extra layer of visual allure. As the head of YBNL Nation, Olamide’s influence in the Nigerian music industry is undeniable, and ‘Trumpet’ further solidifies his creative prowess. With its catchy hooks and captivating production, this collaboration is a testament to enduring artistry and ability to craft infectious, feel-good music.

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Christian Löffler, the renowned electronic music producer and visual artist, teams up with singer-songwriter Mogli for their captivating collaboration, titled ‘Envy’. The track showcases the producer’s dreamy electronic sound although this time existing in a pop-infused realm, with ambient rhythms and deep house influences. Complementing this floating style of immersive beats and synths are Mogli’s disarmingly honest and haunting vocals. Together, they have created a safe space where transparency meets warmth, resulting in an open and accepting track. ‘Envy’ breathes youthfulness and encourages letting go, inviting listeners to reconnect with themselves. The track is also set to feature on Löffler’s upcoming album, slated for this Autumn.

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Jason Jet crashes the party with his infectious single aptly titled ‘Crash Your Party.’ This groovy track is a delightful blend of soulful R&B and energetic pop, showcasing Jet’s smooth vocals and undeniable charisma. With its catchy hooks and infectious melodies, ‘Crash Your Party’ invites listeners to let loose and embrace the fun-filled atmosphere. Jet’s impeccable songwriting and production skills shine through, creating a feel-good anthem that is bound to get everyone on their feet. Whether you’re at a party or simply looking for a mood booster, this track is guaranteed to bring the good vibes and keep the energy high.

“This record has summer Pharrell vibes written all over it. Feels like classic cookout music.”

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Concept and Apbeatz take listeners on a captivating musical journey with their single ‘Bronx To The Bayou.’ The collaboration between these talented artists seamlessly blends elements of hip-hop and soul, resulting in a vibrant and infectious track. Concept’s powerful and introspective lyrics combined with Apbeatz’s soulful production create a captivating atmosphere that demands attention. ‘Bronx To The Bayou’ showcases the artists’ versatility and creativity, with its seamless transitions and dynamic instrumentation. This captivating fusion of styles pays homage to their respective backgrounds while delivering a fresh and unique sound.

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With his highly anticipated debut album No Bad Boy, No Party on the horizon, Nigerian afro-pop sensation Bad Boy Timz unveils a tantalizing taste of what’s to come with his latest single, ‘I SALUTE’. Teaming up with Zlatan, the infectious fusion of afrobeats and amapiano sets the stage for a potential summer anthem. Produced by Grammy-nominated P.Priime, the track centers around versatility and collaborative spirit, promising more exciting collaborations on the forthcoming album. As he celebrates life and asserts his presence in the global afrobeats scene, Bad Boy Timz continues to build on his chart success and amassed streams.

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Dutch-Moroccan heavyweight R3HAB has joined forces with Romanian superstar INNA for a fresh remake of Sash!’s 1997 hit ‘Ecuador’ in their electrifying collaboration, newly titled ‘Rock My Body’. Blending electronic and acoustic elements, the track pays homage to the ’90s era while infusing it with R3HAB’s signature sound and INNA’s sultry vocals. With nods from industry giants like Rolling Stone and support from fans worldwide, R3HAB continues to showcase his production skills and genre-expanding creativity in 2023. Meanwhile, INNA’s impressive musical journey and chart-topping hits position her as a force to be reckoned with. Together, they deliver a dancefloor-friendly gem that perfectly captures the spirit of nostalgia while remaining relevant in today’s music landscape.

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Nigerian producer and songwriter Killertunes showcases his diverse musical universe with the release of his single ‘Shy’. Collaborating with British trailblazer NOT3S and South London artist BZ, the track seamlessly blends UK rap and afro-pop to give listeners a taste of what to expect from the producer’s forthcoming album. Recorded at Platoon7 studios in London, the album track ‘Shy’ features moody instrumentation with lush guitar and horn arrangements, complemented by BZ’s confident lyrics and Not3s’ melodic rap style. This single operates as a standout track by its own merit, but also a bold introduction for Killertunes to the international soundscape. Be on the lookout for Killertunes’ upcoming album, KillaXtra 2, set to be released via Tii Ent / emPawa Africa.

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