Volumo is the newest online home for electronic music

Introducing Volumo, the powerful, new electronic music store for artists, DJ’s and Selectors.

Founded by three friends, from Ukraine: Oleksandr Dzyubenko, Anton Severynenko, and Denys Borysov, Volume came to fruition in 2022 and is a remote first company with branches in Estonia and Ukraine.

Combining all their vast music industry experience, skills, talents and ideas into one pot, Volumo was born and is ready to shake up the way we consume music.

“At some point, we decided that we already knew enough about the music industry and were ready to take on a large-scale project. The global electronic music market is huge. And there are only three notable players: Beatport, Juno Download, and Traxsource. Anton and I thought, why wouldn’t a fourth player appear here? That’s how the idea of creating Volumo came about,” says Denys.

With the minefield of publishing partnered with reports and payments taking too long to come through, the tea felt there were far too many go-betweens involved when releasing music and getting paid for it. With mass production and audiences being the main focus of the Industry of late, the three saw an opportunity to hone in on the aesthetic and creative aspects and also the genuine interests of smaller artists and sound producers.

et voila, in came Volumo. The innovative new generation platform that would prioritise the needs of artists and become a useful tool for professional Dj’s and Selectors to keep in their arsenal. Already fundamentally different from all other platforms of it’s nature, Volumo is carefully curated, making the selection process more streamline. Operating with a “getting downloads back on trend” mission, they champion downloading users songs and pitch it as a huge advantage for artists to receive a fairer payout for their creativity than the majority of stream only sites.

An exciting new prospect with many distributors already signing on such as FUGA, Symphonic, and Triple Vision. Volumo’s catalog includes almost 30,000 artists and 3,000 labels from over a hundred countries and is growing with each and every day.

Go and check out the wonderful work of Volumo here and share with your artist friends! 

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