Jonathan Roy takes us on an interstellar journey with “Back To The Moon

Montreal-born singer-songwriter Jonathan Roy invites listeners on a cosmic adventure with his latest single ‘Back To The Moon’. Released alongside a visually stunning music video filmed in Jurassic Park, Hawaii, the track showcases Roy’s artistic growth and his journey of self-discovery. After embarking on a transformative road trip across the US in a vintage RV, the musician found himself in Los Angeles, where he tapped into a new creative realm. This new single is the result of his psychedelic experience translated into a captivating song, taking listeners on an interstellar voyage.

The accompanying music video is a visual feast, featuring breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring scenery from Jurassic Park, Hawaii. Filmed while Jonathan was invited to perform with Earth, Wind and Fire, the video perfectly complements the cosmic themes of the song. ‘Back To The Moon’ marks the next chapter in Jonathan Roy’s musical odyssey, inviting fans to join him on a celestial exploration that promises to be out of this world.

Filming the video for “Back to The Moon” in Jurassic Park on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii was an unforgettable experience. After opening up for Earth, Wind and Fire and having the whole band in Hawaii, we knew we had to do something special with this song. The stunning scenery and breathtaking landscapes of Jurassic Park provided the perfect backdrop for our cosmic adventure. Go to youtube to see the final product and join us on this magical journey to the moon!

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