Dragonfruit continue their stratospheric rise with release of EP title-track ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Lifted from Dragonfruit’s upcoming EP, Honeymoon Phase, its their impressive title-track with eclectic blend of electronic, funk, R&B, indie-pop and neo-soul sounds. The single opens with electronic beats and synth pads before the lead vocals come in, delivering heartfelt and melancholic lyricism against an uplifting electronic backdrop. The addition of brass in the latter part of the track emphasizes the band’s euphoric musicality and creates an energetic climax. As you’ll read in the official quote below, the band describes the track as being about the longing to return to the ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of a relationship, the foundation on which the whole relationship is built upon, and the desire to reignite the spark.

The song’s lyricism is heartfelt and melancholic, reflecting on the desire to return to the base of a relationship, the honeymoon phase, and recapture the magic that was once there. The charismatic lead vocals add a silky smoothness to the track that contrasts with the electronic nature of the musical backdrop.

The Rotterdam-based quartet Dragonfruit has already gained a following and are set to become a household name with their infectious soundscapes.

“The track is about longing to return to the ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of a relationship – the base on which the whole relationship is built upon, when you’ve lost it out of sight but you want to get that flair back.”

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