Power up with ANDRO’s genre-blending Conflict EP

Last year, we introduced you to the sublime and empowering sounds of ANDRO through single ‘Natural’. Now, the former JUNGLE member has cemented their solo endeavour with brand new three-track EP. Titled Conflict, it’s an impressive showcase of his musical prowess, with each track exploring different themes of conflict in life. The EP’s closing track, ‘New Home’, is a particularly moving and personal offering that builds from a piano-led ballad to a stunning choral climax.

The EP is released as part of PRS Foundation’s new platform POWER UP, which aims to boost the profiles of artists of colour in the UK music industry. ANDRO’s unique sound, which blends pop, R&B, and electronic influences, is sure to catch the attention of music fans across the country.

With its powerful themes and stunning musicality, Conflict is an EP that deserves to be heard by anyone who appreciates great music. Whether you’re a fan of ANDRO’s genre-blending sound or simply looking for something new to listen to, this EP is well worth a listen.

“The 3 tracks on the EP, symbolise Present, Past and Future conflicts. ‘Natural’ is the present, Physical’ is the past and  ‘New Home’ is the future. I think the tracks are powerful enough to stand alone, and as a 3 – it’s the triquetra of conflicts that we experience in our everyday lives through work, love, family, friends and more. ‘Natural’ represents the conflict in myself and romantic relationships. ‘Physical’ represents the emotional, literal-physical conflict between my parents and how that affected me. And the 3rd single, leading the EP – ‘New Home’ represents the conflict with my future, finding my space in the world, the industry and also facing homelessness. When people listen to these songs, I hope that they find themselves meshed in the lyrics and the experience of conflict (and hope) that so many of us have had in our relationships to others and ourselves.”

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