With ‘Step Into The Light’, ENDITFAUST pushes the boundaries of modern grunge

Showcasing his unique blend of grunge and modern sound, it’s ENDITFAUST‘s new single ‘Step Into The Light’. It combines atmospheric drums, guitar lines, and synths with emotional vocals and well-crafted lyrics. The song pays homage to inspirations from various sources, including the Edgerunners series, which helped ENDITFAUST find the words to express his deep-seated emotions.

ENDITFAUST‘s music is a representation of his raw, grungy childhood and the adoption of internet culture into his life, which left him feeling lost and disillusioned with reality. His music touches on human emotion, and he aims to forge a community of like-minded people who resonate with his sound.

With plans to enhance his live shows and videos with a 3D hologram motion-capture system, ENDITFAUST is set to take 2023 by storm and be as obnoxious and in-your-face as he can be. He’s definitely an artist to watch out for.

“I was heavily influenced by Edgerunners. The second I finished the series, I strongly resonated with the atmosphere and characters and felt the need to express that. It helped me find the bittersweet words that I was struggling to articulate the deep-seated feeling of being ‘too angry die’ by channeling anguish and passion to triumph over life.”

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