Funk, soul & flare – it must be Dragonfruit’s new single ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Dutch quartet Dragonfruit has already been making waves in the blogosphere with their eclectic mix of electronica, funk, R&B, indie, pop, and neo-soul. Now, they’re getting ready to release their upcoming Honeymoon Phase EP, from which we’ve already been treated to the earwormy title-track.

The single starts with an upbeat electronic rhythm, that’s followed by an oceanic swell of analogue synth pads. This uplifting backdrop creates a gorgeous point of contrast to the heartfelt and melancholic lyricism. Those sensitive words filled with rose-tinted musings on a new relationship come through with genuine feeling in the silky and charismatic vocals. As the track progresses, brass instruments join in, emphasizing the band’s euphoric and shimmering musicality.

‘Honeymoon Phase’ showcases the group’s infectious songwriting and glittering soundscapes, it’s a highly promising introduction to the forthcoming EP. Not only do Dragonfruit present themselves as the new alternative name to keep on eye on but they also demonstrate commercial appeal, and it’s that kind of mastery that’ll take them far.

“The track is about longing to return to the ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of a relationship – the base on which the whole relationship is built upon, when you’ve lost it out of sight but you want to get that flair back.”

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