Nitepunk’s passionate debut album, Human, has landed

Nitepunk’s debut album Human is a true testament to the artist’s determination and passion for music. Born in Georgia and later moving to New York, Nitepunk faced many challenges in pursuit of his dream. However, he persevered and gained the support of notable industry leaders who recognized his unique sound and potential.

The album is a collection of tracks that capture the artist’s life experiences and emotions over the past six years. Nitepunk’s eclectic break-beat-inspired style is rooted in originality and distinctive synthesis. The songs are high energy and designed to create an environment for fans to get lost in a labyrinth of sound.

As Nitepunk relocates to Los Angeles, his unorthodox and captivating delivery of music only continues to shine. The artist perceives music visually, and this is reflected in his audiovisual creations. Human is a complex album that captures raw emotions and experiences through music, reflecting the artist’s own complexity as a human being.

Overall, Human is a must-listen for fans of electronic and break-beat music. It is a powerful statement from an artist who has overcome adversity to achieve his dreams. Nitepunk’s journey is an inspiration to anyone who has ever faced challenges and obstacles in the pursuit of their passions.

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