NEWS: BBC’s up-and-coming radio star Jodie Bryant announces new showcase, Discover Monthly Live

We’ve got a special news announcement today via BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing Sussex & Surrey presenter Jodie Bryant who is launching another exciting edition of her ‘Discover Monthly Live’ showcase, taking place on March 22nd at Roadtrip & Workshop in London. The event aims to showcase the best new and independent talent, with a focus on introducing both fans and industry professionals to exciting up-and-coming artists.

The showcase has quickly become known as one of the most exciting new monthly events in London, with a reputation for breaking new artists. Past lineups have included names such as Cassa Jackson, Jasmine Thompson and Gia Lily, who have gone on to receive support from national radio stations and industry professionals following their performances at the event.

The upcoming lineup for March 22nd promises to be just as impressive, featuring Ines Rae, Liv East, Morten Lava and Lilies in my Brain. Each artist brings their unique sound and style to the stage, showcasing the diversity and creativity of the emerging music scene.

Jodie Bryant has been making waves as a champion of new music, using her platform to showcase talented artists who might otherwise go unnoticed. With her passion and dedication to discovering new talent, it’s no surprise that she is quickly becoming an authority in the music industry, with a reputation for breaking new artists and introducing them to a wider audience.

If you’re looking to discover the next big thing in music, be sure to check out ‘Discover Monthly Live’ on March 22nd at Roadtrip & Workshop in London.

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