Dance Collective: UNDREAM feat. Calivania, Fly By Kings x Lost Kings, HEATT, TIBASKO, Mishell Ivon, Joey Mercedes x Robert PM x Brandon Markell Holmes

Here at Purple Melon, we love dance and electronic music in all its form and this blog playlist honors all the new tracks that got our bodies moving as of late.

Bringing the high-drama this week is Swedish producer UNDREAM who delivers his signature dark, moody and ambient sound in new single ‘Fall Away’. It’s even more impactful with the brooding and vampish vocals of Calivania. As a result, this could easily be a soundtrack to a movie’s pivotal scene as it’s so full of tension and seductive possibilities.

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A remix can truly make or break a song, and we’re very pleased to say that this remake of Fly By Midnight’s retro-pop tune ‘Automatic’ by producer duo Lost Kings is very much the former. This EDM twist compliments the harmonious vocals by raising the tempo and launching a vibrant array of beats and samples into the soundscape. Before it was automatic, and now it’s stratospheric.

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We’ve got our detective hats on for this one. HEATT is a mysterious new collective who have set out on a mission to raise temperatures across dancefloors this summer, and try as we might we can’t crack the code on who this talented trio might be. What we do know is that their track ‘Chosen’ is a sumptuous house floor-filler that we’re totally lost in, as we’re sure you will be too.

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Born out of experimentation and a shared passion for intelligent production, this new British duo TIBASKO put forward the fascinatingly complex sound of new track ‘Traces’. It’s a mesmeric mix of techno, house, breaks, bass, and even samples of a Bulgarian folk choir, which gives the whole thing a fluid and organic flow. They’re already pegged as future stars in the UK and we’re just as convinced through this impressive studio production.

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We just can’t resist some retro 80s vibes, especially when it’s imbued with a sense of hope, optimism and positivity, as you’ll hear in Mishell Ivon’s new single ‘Energy’. The German songwriter first wrote this track before the pandemic, but decided to sit on it until better times came around the corner. With Canadian producer Jordan Perry by her side, the pair have put something that’s pure summertime joy, perfect for the re-emergence of normality in 2022.

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We simply love the psychedelic and blissed-out sounds of ‘It Goes On’, the deep house collaboration between New York DJ/producer Joey Mercedes, producer and label owner Robert PM, and vocalist Brandon Markell Holmes. We can totally imagine this one being played at a rooftop DJ set, with the sun setting over an expansive cityscape and the warm, undulating textures reminding the audience to appreciate life. This sophisticated track is the latest offering from tastemaking label toucan sounds.

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