DJ & producer Nora Van Elken gives ‘Celebration’ a fresh progressive house re-do

When a song that’s been associated with so many past positive experiences hits your ears, you can’t help but be filled with a renewed sense of joy. It’s a reason that so many of us flock to nostalgic club nights or karaoke bars, but we can also have this feeling of familiarity through modern takes on classic songs. One artist who is doing this well is DJ and producer Nora Van Elken, who has taken the unforgettable 1980 party anthem ‘Celebration’ from Kool & the Gang and gives it a fresh perspective.

Those chunky and retro beats of the original song are given a refined edge through Van Elken’s deft production skills, which she’s already showed off on previous tracks like ‘Satellites’ and ‘Glory’. This reimagining retains Kool & the Gang’s irreplaceable vocals, but pairs them with her clean-cut progressive house that’s drenched in feel-good synths and pulsating dance-floor beats.

Listening to Nora Van Elken’s take on ‘Celebration’, it’s clear that her house style and that 80s disco-pop of the past are a match made in club heaven.

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