In search of self, Lolita Mae presents authentic dark-pop assertion in ‘Atomic Love Rush’

Electro-pop is one of our mainstay genres, because it can encompass so many moods, emotions and styles. To demonstrate just how versatile this digital-leaning pop sound is, we have a gorgeous new single from Sydney-based artist Lolita Mae, which is ‘Atomic Love Rush’. This hedonistic song incorporates elements of psychedelic rock and alternative R&B to present a hallucinogenic landscape that’s studded with gems like the punching beats, floating and evasive vocals and alluring electro samples.

These dark-pop textures and the unhinged production with all its blurred edges give such a great sense of mystery, but also of confidence. Lolita Mae is very much inspired by the assertive pop icons like Lana Del Rey and fka Twigs and in the same vein her luxurious and slow-paced single conveys this self-possession. As you’ll read in her quote below, ‘Atomic Love Rush’ represents a gear shift in the Australian creative’s life as she seeks to embrace her most authentic self and true musical identity.

“Atomic love rush is about the day I finally decided to let myself break the rules after meeting someone who embraced and loved my true colours. Although I had eyes and expectations breathing down my neck for sometime about the kind of girl I should be, I discovered the harshest critic was myself all along. When I found this like minded, unbridled version of me who could see into my deeper self, I was at the boiling point of breaking the barricades I built around myself, regardless of who I disappointed in the process. Since then I’ve been carrying that ‘you get what you’re given’ type of energy.”

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