Blake Wisner reveals the pulsating and addictive ‘Moodlighting’

Residing amongst the bright lights, laying in wait between the neon, a new talent emerges, taking inspiration from his luminous and endlessly colourful environment. Choosing 2022 as his time to shine, Las Vegas resident, producer, singer-songwriter and all round artist Blake Wisner has arrived in style with his addictive new single ‘Moodlighting’.

Electronic, edgy and pulsating ‘Moodlighting’ is a heavy, intoxicating mix of transcendent synths, gorgeous toplines and a smooth, light inducing vocal that commands attention from the very first note. Blake manages to encapsulate an entire mood within his soundscape, emanating such a sexiness, a welcomed darkness and a vibe you want to sink into.

Video by: @elijahstonephotography
Edit: @kamikehoe 

It’s no wonder that production is Blakes forte, citing this as his day job, alongside mixing and mastering he has clearly perfected the art and ‘Moodlighting’ is a pure testament to his skills and overall artistry.

Punctuated with runs of ascending, expertly stacked synth work, catchy phrasing and Blake’s mellow yet mesmerising vocals, ‘Moodlighting’ sounds like that of a well seasoned songwriter. Despite having a small public catalogue so far, it’s plain to anyone who has listened that Blakes vocals are perfectly suited for the recording world and his music would fit right at home on Radio stations, DJ sets and club mixes globally.

Simply put, ‘Moodlighting’ is a tune made to let go and get lost in. The ideal addition to your late night dance playlist, this offering is a match made in heaven from Blake and long time collaborator hubstcy.

It seems that destiny has called and Blake has answered and with an exceptional start to the year firmly in the bag, our guess is, this is only the very beginning.

“The track is basically about running back to something toxic. Even though you know it’s toxic for some reason you keep running back. Mentioning that it was someone living in LA, that was who I kept running back to. My friend HUBSTCY killed the production on this one!”

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