Mini Melon Mix Ups: ANU, Joseph Feinstein, Neoni, Adria Kain, Adventure Club, Win and Woo, Slouch Online, Stacey Dineen and POULISH KID

Welcome back friends! We’re rolling into February, that famous month of love with some new songs that we hope you’ll love however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s. Enjoy!

First up, we have the latest slice of divinely crafted house music from ANU, the UK producer who has been praised by the likes of Jaguar Radio for his new take on this well-worn genre. Proving to be as intuitive as ever, ANU drops ‘Fallen’ today.

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Joseph Feinstein’s new provocatively named song ‘fuck off’ starts with a subtly auto-tuned falsetto, immediately capturing the listeners attention. It evolves from this sweet, alt-pop ballad into a full on rage tune that gives both the artist and the listener an anthemic release.

The song chronicles me constantly relapsing into a relationship that gave me nothing but ephemeral pleasure and second thoughts. Because I wasn’t able to act rationally in that situation, I really started to question my values and needs while noticing that, metaphorically, I had a knife in my back the entire time. Essentially this track is my final message, wrapping up everything I was too stunted to say in those moments, into a big ‘FUCK OFF.’” 

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Keeping up with the theme of letting your emotions fly free, we have ‘Downfall’ the new track from talented duo Neoni. This dark-pop stomper is set on a marching rhythm, solid acoustic guitar and bold vocals that exudes confidence, in contrast to the song’s rather unsteady narrative.

You know that moment when you realize your mental health is about to go up in flames. The bad habits make a strong comeback and all too familiar feelings rear their ugly head. You’re looking down like you would at the top of a roller coaster; but emotional roller coasters tend to be less fun than the ones at amusement parks. That’s what the song is about. It’s about knowing your patterns and understanding what comes next. However, the upside to this downward spiral is that you know you have to come back up again eventually.”   

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Canadian independent artist Adria Kain released her new album – When Flowers Bloom – today, a simmering exploration of identity and confidence through melodious soul and a contemporary R&B production. The record was also announce by a live session video for the world-leading live session studios, COLORS, which shows off Adria’s refined and emotive voice.

“When Flowers Bloom tells the story of falling in love after overcoming the loss of oneself through previous experiences in love. It depicts the struggle of a young, masculine presenting woman, who after embarking on a journey of self discovery, attempts to heal her wounds that developed through romantic relationships and the false perceptions that were taught throughout her upbringing. Accountability & vulnerability are the key emotions in this story.”

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A long time in the making, legends Adventure Club have returned with their first album release since their debut Red // Blue in 2016. Bringing LOVE // CHAOS to the table they make a monumental return to the music industry. Chock-a-block with collaborations and features from the likes of Krewella, Yuna, Lucii, and many others, this is a mammoth offering from the dynamic duo, consisting of a whopping 25 tracks. Encompassing everything well-loved about the electronic team amongst some new flavours, they showcase their prowess in melodic bass, heavy dubstep and upbeat house. Oozing with elevating synths, booming bass and sophisticated drum patterns, each track is painted with soaring vocals and endlessly catchy phrasing making this sophomore album well worth the wait. Strap in and enjoy the ride!

“Love//Chaos is a culmination of everything we’ve learned, loved and lost throughout our career which began in 2011. We searched deep within ourselves for inspiration for this album. We’ve shared incredible experiences with so many people around the world. We’ve also had to face our own demons, overcome some personal obstacles. I think we tried to address so much of what we’ve uncovered over the past 10 years. We originally started Adventure Club with the goal of producing the most heavy dubstep imaginable… but after a couple releases we really found solace and hit our stride with female vocals and taking a more melodic bass approach. From then, it was a whirlwind of trying to find ourselves and our sound, experimenting with different genres. Which ultimately leads us to today… This album is a true return to our roots with a dash of other genres we’ve come to love.  We’ve collaborated with so many of our favorite artists on Love//Chaos. Every single one we admire so much and we’re honored to have worked with them. We can’t thank them and everyone who’s been by our side for making this album as perfect as possible in our eyes.”Adventure Club

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Chicago based duo Win and Woo have returned with their latest single ‘Vanilla Sky’ which is the first teaser and taste of their upcoming album ’10 Years’ dropping later this year. Starting softly, the track is filled with acoustic style, gentle guitar patterns as the vocal comes in with immediately catchy rhythms and lyrical placement. ‘Vanilla Sky’ then builds in true Win and Woo fashion as the electronic elements, synths and beats flood the track, lifting it to all new heights. With support from heavyweights such as The Chainsmokers and Louis The Child, the duo are getting ever closer to placing their electric note in the upper echelons of dance music.

“We are really excited about this record we made with Wrabel. We look up to him as a songwriter and fell in love with this as soon as we heard it. We finished it while writing our album and it perfectly fit into the overall message of the project” – Win and Woo

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LA based newness from Slouch Online hits our palettes next with new track ‘get it and go’. Making alternate R&B and Hip Hop, Slouch Online is bringing fresh new flavours to the scene with ‘get it and go’ being the perfect example of his unique brand of music. Dreamy from the outset, light beat work entranced in electronically effected vocals flow effortlessly across the track. Laid back in nature yet with a vocal that commands attention, the hook is simple yet catchy and is sure to be running through your mind for the rest of the day.

“This song is about moving to LA in hopes of getting in and out as soon as possible. LA is definitely not a paradise by any means, it’s a very draining city and I’m only here for music really.The song is meant to give you energy, motivation and confidence to dow/e the fuck it is you wanna do! enjoy :)” Slouch Online

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Debut single ‘Ghost of You’ is on our radar next from the mesmerising Irish newcomer Stacey Dineen. Boasting a unique and distinctive vocal tone, she immediately draws the listener into her world of love and heartbreak. A remarkable debut from the emerging artist, as ‘Ghost of You’ emanates a songwriting sophistication well beyond her years. Catchy, clean and relatable, this is just the beginning of an exciting new journey for Stacey Dineen.

“I could say I hate having my heart broken but without the heartbreak I wouldn’t have the music.”Stacey Dineen

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Last but by no means least we have the newest, quirky, fun and in-your-face single from POULISH KID otherwise known as KAPUZE. ‘I Hate You But I Love You a Bit More’ is immediately punchy, fresh and features a welcomed punk-like attitude. Taking no prisoners the track is full throttle from the get go, with high energy, catchy vocals, clunky fuzzy beats and decorated with game like synths, ‘I Hate You But I Love You a Bit More’ is an easy earworm and we are hooked!

The song is about the underlying implications of when you’re having a bad day for no apparent reason at all. You wake up and suddenly realize that it’s not going to be a good day for you. You just want to be alone and wait till the next day, because you’ve already given up before the day has even started. And for whatever reason, you just can’t seem to explain to yourself why you hate everything and everyone around you. With that said, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: one person who has the ability to cheer and pull you out of your funk. Unfortunately, this person can also make you feel worse, getting even more negative emotions out of you. Regardless, you know that there can simultaneously be a hate and love for this person; and that positive feeling of love will persist and come out stronger.”  – POULISH KID

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