Chatterbox: Greg Aram

Greg Aram is an alt R&B artist currently plying his trade in New Jersey. Aram is making a name for himself by putting out infectious singles, 2016 was a bumper year for the young songwriter and the new year is shaping up to be just as successful.

Hey, could you give us some background on yourself?

My name is Greg Aram and I love the beach. I am a singer/songwriter from Hoboken, but I am currently back and fourth between NYC and LA. I just released “PEACH EP”; I just wanted to put out something that feels good and is fun to listen too (also to bring Summer to Winter).

Tell us a bit about the new release.

Honestly I went like half a year only listening to beats on Soundcloud so I started recording over them. I couldn’t put them out on Spotify or Apple or anything so thats kind of why I just turned it into a little EP. The beat for “Okay, Alright” was like the first one I heard. Shout out to Galimatias who is one of the sickest producers of all time.

I made “Okay, Alright” over the summer when I was going out a lot more. The story is basically about the routine of waking up hungover but still doing it all again because its the weekend. “Okay, Alright” can be used as a comeback for so many situations too. For example, if your boyfriend comes home at 3am and hits you with the classic excuses you hit back with “Okay, Okay Alrrigghtt” you know? Or in this circumstance if a girl asks you to come inside after you walk her home and you get hella amped but wanna act cool for her you say “Okay, Alright” as if its nothing.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yeah always. Be on the lookout for some videos dropping soon, a bunch of shows coming up and also, new music before the spring and into summer.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I kind of live day by day but am always working on music and writing songs. I definitely want to establish myself as notable artist by the end of 2017. I also want to work and collaborate with a bunch of people this year (Gwen Stefani is on that list).

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