‘Good To You’ is Alana Sukul’s latest subtle dance, pop and R&B single

Young UK artist Alana Sukul completes a PM hat-trick this week with ‘Good To You’, the third track we’ve given a spotlight to from this industry newcomer. Still just 20-years-old, the West London talent continues to show her genre diversity with a blended approach to R&B, pop, dance and dancehall sounds that reflect her upbringing and also her Caribbean heritage.

Less of a club floor-filler and more of one for dancing in your bedroom, ‘Good To You’ rides on subtle danceable rhythms that compliment Alana’s melodious voice. For the most part, Alana sings with ennui and dissolution, because this track is all about facing the pressure and expectation that society puts on young people, but then her voice rises up in defiance. She hits those high notes with a polished professionalism, proving in one sweep that she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

“Sometimes as young adults we try to live up to certain standards and pressure, this is just a reminder to live your life the way you want to.”

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