RYAL release the gorgeous synth pop soaked ode to the city ‘Skyscraper’

Hailing from the city that never sleeps, we introduce to you the big apple based, glowing synth pop, boy-girl duo RYAL. Dropping their first track of the year, the nostalgia fuelled, analogue-recorded, indie-pop soaked ‘Skyscraper’.

As a direct response to the pandemic inducing exodus which saw many of us based within the concrete jungles either hastily vacating their adventurous playgrounds or at the very least contemplating our finite existence within their stone columns. ‘Skyscraper’ marks as a poignant and poetic love song to the city in which these two talented artists reside, New York.

Emanating a soft, pillowy warmth the vocals are a mystical blend, tinged with tones of Blondie and a Madonna-esque prowess. Representing the perfect balance of old and new, past and future, electronic and acoustic, it features a classic songwriting style plus live instruments intertwined with 80’s era, electric synth work, layering and vocal effects. All intoxicatingly captured with the unmistakable and irreplicable sound of analogue.

Dripping with dreamy soundscapes and catchy top lines the live production on and of this track is a thing of beauty carried out by the talented Nolan Thies. The single was cut to the Studer 24 track tape machine with Aaron Nevezie on guitar, John Davis on bass, and Dan Rieser on drums. ‘Skyscraper’ truly puts RYAL on the map as not only top tier musicians and artists but also showcases their innate and incredible ability to capture the experience of an entire generation.

By Laura Russell

It highlights a truly interesting impact of the last two years and explores one of many hidden sides to the pandemic. Faced with no choice we found our worlds turned upside down in an instant, forcing us to think about our current lives under a new microscope, giving some time and introspection whilst for others it shed light on current priorities and dreams. Perhaps paving the way for new ones as many swapped the fast paced, all consuming for the slow, simple, safe and steady. However for the rest it was a reluctant and unwelcome change, torn from the roots they had so carefully nurtured and grown, in a place they felt was home. ‘Skyscraper’ is a comforting tribute to those who had to leave their cities during this tumultuous event.

It’s refreshing to have a piece of art from a period of time that is so important to document but doesn’t just focus on the well-known, well talked about effects such as the lockdowns and quarantines. Instead giving us an insight to the other, often forgotten ways it may have impacted the lives around us and RYAL gift us this opportunity with such sophistication, intuition and artisanship. With ‘Skyscraper’ being the first of many, upcoming analogue recordings we can expect lots more radiant ingenuity in the very near future from this intriguing pair which we cannot wait to devour accordingly.

Keep your eyes on this city dwelling duo, RYAL are certainly ones to watch this 2022 as they bring their unique, enchanting twist on analogue to the masses.

“Friends were leaving, heading to new towns or moving back in with parents. Some exited willingly and glad to escape the insanity of NYC, March 2020. Others left kicking and screaming with a whole lot of tears. The latter felt they were leaving their dreams behind and being forced to throw in the towel. It was a painful thing to watch. Good friends are tough to come by in a city like NYC, so they were doubly hard to lose. One friend in particular really inspired the lyrics of this song – like me, she feels the city raised her and saying goodbye was like ending the longest relationship of her life.

The constant isolation and creating music digitally and in separate rooms for the last 2 years has been weighing on us – we are really fortunate that we have this opportunity and option to record this way” – Jacque Ryal

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