‘Keep It 100’ is the fresh new track from Atlanta rapper Hey-Zooz

Hip-hop has changed a lot as a genre since the 00s and we’re noticing that more and more rappers are moving away from the glamourisation of violence, criminality and promiscuity to share serious messages, challenge politics and empower people. One Atlanta artist who is moving with the change is Hey-Zooz.

His new single ‘Keep It 100’ celebrates having an honest, open and committed relationship. Sure, there’s still a scantily dressed woman dancing in the music video, but at least she’s the only woman that Hey-Zooz is interested in.

With fresh beats and a steady flow, ‘Keep It 100’ is an easy track to get into that gives a brand new spin to the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah.

“Keep It 100 is what we all want in any relationship. In relationships all we want is the other person to be honest and keep it real and at the time my relationships didnt feel like it had the honesty that I wanted.”

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