Arliston push the boundaries of indie-pop in experimental EP, The Ground Might Disappear

This week if you’re looking for something a little more substantial to listen to, then we have to recommend Arliston’s recently released EP, The Ground Might Disappear. In many ways, it’s a culmination of the London trio’s years of hard work, from their 2018 debut single ‘Enough’, through to their first EP, string of live shows and somehow getting through the pandemic in one piece. In fact, it’s over the last two year’s that many fans will have noticed the band become a little more experimental, twisting the expected conventions of alt-pop to make a sound that’s truly their own.

As you travel through the EP, you’ll encounter the bubbling electricity of ‘Camomile’, the emotional sincerity of piano-backed ‘Centre’, the Bon Iver-esque ‘Mountaineer’, the rising and falling anti-anthem ‘Park’ and finally the meditative title-track ‘The Ground Might Disappear’. As a whole, the EP directly interacts with our uncertain present and depicts the unpredictability of life, especially these days, through their jazz-like experimentalism.

Experimenting with different time signatures finally paid off with Camomile- the verse is in 7/8 and the chorus flips to 4/4 for that ‘resolution’ moment, which feels super satisfying to us. As a result of the different time signatures in the song, Camomile has this tidal ebb and flow to it that we find really beguiling. Originally, it was an attempt at making a light-hearted song! It didn’t quite pan out that way, but I think there are still some fun, insincere moments in there.”

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