‘Bittersweet’ is the alt-pop journey from chasing luma

Introducing chasing luma, the multi-genre project from Canadian newcomer Luke MacDonald who drifted away from his child-like passion for songwriting and producer but deliberately worked his way back to a good place. That sense of finally breaking through a writer’s block is turned into an epic sonic adventures as you’ll hear in his new track ‘bittersweet’.

The single opens with warm, enticing melodies and a riveting guitar build-up that immediately draws you in to chasing luma’s world which slowly unravels for around 40 seconds. After that sweeping introduction, ‘bittersweet’ bursts in a synth-pop anthem with punching drum beat and vibrant production. MacDonald walks the line between pure joy and hesitancy through the track, as we dip and climb through the tempos, joining him for the emotional rollercoaster.

“‘bittersweet’ was the song that made me decide to make the chasing luma project. For a long while I was really lost and not sure what sounded like ‘me.’ So I tried to forget everything I knew about making music and start from nothing – I was making at least one song a day and so much of it was… not great. In 2019 I made the first version of ‘bittersweet’ and something clicked for me, it was a really special moment – I felt so many new ideas come at me at once! Without being too revealing, ‘bittersweet’ is about being at a crossroads in the world, and struggling to find your truth. It’s about asking yourself if it’s worth it to abandon everything you know, or to stay in your comfort zone; knowing you want more out of life, but not knowing quite how to get it yet – being aware that you’ll probably be happier if you follow your heart and ambition, but being a bit timid of the cost of that.”

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