Mica Millar reveals the mystic and soulful ‘Preacher Man’

Manchester Native, soulful powerhouse and effortless storyteller Mica Millar has started 2022 with the fiery new single ‘Preacher Man’. Oozing with soul, Mica dominates the track with her smoky, dynamic vocals and complete and utter magnetism. ‘Preacher Man’ details the haunting story of a spiritual encounter that brings an empowering perspective of escaping capitalism in the pursuit of what it means to be human. Micas sound boasts a myriad of vintage layers and tones, including blues, gospel and jazz with touches of Motown. Combined with her mystic and poetic lyricism, she is a truly unique and enchanting artist through and through.

Taken from her upcoming self-written, arranged and produced debut album ‘Heaven Knows’, noted for release in June 2022, the project explores themes of love, oppression, inequality, human nature, spirituality and female empowerment.

I think as human beings we’ve have lost that sense of spiritual purpose; the joy of doing what you love, going for your dreams. I’ve always believed that we all have a gift – something some people never uncover in themselves because of the circumstances of their lives and the society that we live in.This song is about encouraging the pursuit of that gift, taking that leap of faith into the unknown. I don’t think as human beings we are here to work, 9-5 every day doing something that doesn’t inspire, empower or fulfil us. I really wanted to write a song that evoked this message. – Mica Millar

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