Lemonade Baby’s ‘Electric Girl’ in an upbeat indie-pop track about love

Lemonade Baby’s new single ‘Electric Girl’ emanates an early 00s cyberspace romance complete with hyper-effect artwork. It might surprise you to hear that this track started out as a country-pop one, as the Australian musician explains in the quote below, but through a process of writing over six months, it departed from country quite a bit. Instead, we have a punching alt-pop with indie undercurrents that expresses the songwriter’s gratitude for his girlfriend and the light she brings into her life.

The upbeat rhythms and optimistic melodies typify that loved-up, but calm feeling of being in a happy relationship. All in all, this carefree jam is simply a good time.

“Last year’s (2021) resolution was to learn how to play guitar and so after learning some new chords and fiddling around it only seemed right to try to write a country pop song. Fast forward 6 months later, the song had taken a turn and started to sound less and less country pop, until we landed where we are now (which sadly isn’t very country). The idea for the lyrics came from a memory I have of waking up to the sun rising and rolling over to see my sleeping girlfriend and feeling a sense of gratitude. That memory seemed to stand out when I was writing the song.”

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