Sink into Cellz and Blue Grass’ sultry alt-jazz ‘Dream On’

We love music that evokes escapism and so when ‘Dream On’ floated its way into our inbox, we were instantly entranced by this piece of somnambulist alt-jazz. This crisply produced track is the joint work of two independent artists, Munich-based Cellz and Antigua-based Blue Grass, who combine a passion for jazz, hip-hop, soul, trip-hop and psychedelia to make this serenely calming song.

Over the meditative and gently lulling production, statements of introspection intermittently appear; these are vague enough to apply to most listeners and with that we can all take our own interpretation of ‘Dream On’ away with us.

Not only is this their first collaboration to be released, but it’s also the first installment of their upcoming EP.

“You got to move on, regardless of the hardship of life.”

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