seeyousoon drop their newest album, HZLIKEHELL featuring the lead single, ‘MAGIC’

Looking for something new, exciting and fresh? Then look no further than the vibrant and raucous sounds of Floridian-founded collective seeyousoon and their latest epic offering, the HZLIKEHELL album.

Twelve-tracks long, HZLIKEHELL traverses across a bevvy of sounds with influences ranging from dance music to hip-hop, and even pop at times as seeyousoon as a whole understands how to not allow a song to get too dreary or repetitive. Their music comes together seamlessly and speaks to the personal and musical chemistry of the group. Along with the album release comes the visual for the album’s focus track, ‘MAGIC’, an energetic and flamboyant offering that existing fans and new listeners are bound to enjoy.

An eclectic mix of sound and style, ‘MAGIC’ hits the ear as a sort of mishmash between rap, punk and rock/grunge before breaking out into a dance music inspired crescedo of a chorus with accompanying larger-than-life beat drop. Laid over montage of tour footage, the music video to ‘MAGIC’ has all the energy and flair of all 9 seeyousoon members, showing the bandmates in their elements across several scenes and cities. Be sure to check out the full the full HZLIKEHELL album and look out for seeyousoon tour dates here.

seeyousoon – ‘MAGIC’


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