Simone Telease offers the perfect winter breakup song with, ‘Do You’

Upcoming Californian RnB songstress Simone Telease has unveiled her latest, heartfelt single, ‘Do You’. Produced by Pdub The Producer, ‘Do You’ features a backdrop of gentle acoustic guitar chords, drum pads, and undulating synths, creating a smooth and breezy atmosphere that perfectly compliments Simone’s honeyed vocals and emotive lyrics.

Honest, candid and relatable, ‘Do You’ explores both the pain of heartbreak and the joy of friendship and new love. Based on real-life events, this track sees Simone dive deep within herself for inspiration, recalling a painful period in her past life where she felt betrayed and broken by a lover and was left to put herself back together again.

Speaking more on the story behind the single, Simon Telease shares:

This song is a tale of “Bestfriends turned lovers” gone wrong. When I first began this project, I flew back home to Oakland, California. I was hoping to draw inspiration from this man I was madly in love with. This project was supposed to come from a good place. We were best friends turned lovers, and I just knew he would be my happily ever after. 

We literally had been close friends since high school. He took me to my very first prom, and I had my very first slow dance with him. There was a lot of history there...

A couple months later after I returned back to Atlanta, he ended up ripping my heart to shreds. He ended up completely ghosting me and getting a girlfriend. He didn’t even have the nerve to tell me, I had to find out through social media, and that’s what really broke my heart. So I texted him and told him goodbye forever and that at this point, we can’t even be friends anymore.

Taken from her recently released album Love Hard, ‘Do You’ is the perfect introductory track to Simone Telease and her unique sound and soulful style. A modern RnB babe, Simone’s sound is vaguely reminiscent of popular contemporary acts such as Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker and Kehlani and with the songwriting talents and the delivery to match, Simone Telease is definitely one to watch!

Simone Telease – ‘Do You’


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