Mini Melon Mix ups: NGHTMRE x Smokepurpp, Lemonade Baby, SAYMYNAME, Daniel Allan, AMAVA, Rediisin & HM Johnsen

Welcome, welcome one and all! We do hope you enjoyed a fruit-tastic weekend. Coming at you today on a Monday instead of our usual Friday instalments to help put a bounce in your step and set your week up for a great start! Guaranteed to blast away any Monday blues, dig into this below!

Diving head first into those feel good, dance-inducing vibes we have remix EP ‘MOSH’ by NGHTMRE and Smokepurpp. Following on from the pairs original, heavy 808 fuelled version of ‘MOSH’, now artists such as Kumarion, Stoned Level and Cheyenne Giles have jumped on and prepared their own unique and reworked versions of the track. Thus creating a whole EP of the same song but with several artists different takes. Which not only makes for an incredible listening experience, it is also highly intriguing to get a snippet into the world of each artist and what the single represents for them.

Featuring a wide range of different genres, production techniques, musicianship, vocals and of course taste, the MOSH remix EP really does cater to all types of musical preference.

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Ready for a thirst quenching, ice cold, homemade drop of Lemonade Baby? Then we’ve got you covered as next in our line up is his new single ‘Ex Best Friend’ and boy is it a tasty one! Oozing with electro pop sensibilities, combined with dance based rhythms and spacey synths’ ‘Ex Best Friend’ is a catchy, upbeat number, sure to get you up and boogying.

“‘Ex Best Friend’ is about loss and missing someone that has gone away. I feel like everyone can grow distant from one-another and experiencing distance makes me self-reflective. I start questioning myself like; Why didn’t I reply? or How come I haven’t heard from you in a while?” – Lemonade Baby

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Heavy weight SAYMYNAME returns to the playlist today, this time bringing with him his highly anticipated EP ‘Dynasty’. Known to many as the godfather of hard trap, he really brings the heat in this full length offering. Whilst staying true to his deeply rooted Trap foundations, he also includes layers of haunting chord progressions, sweeping 808’s, ample amounts of synths and fuzzy bass-lines. Creating a true sonic-sphere of sounds, ‘Dynasty’ is a journey within itself.

“I’m so hyped to finally release my EP “Dynasty”. There’s 4 tracks that are all different versions of SAYMYNAME. It was great to have Softest Hard & Edison Cole featured on two tracks as well.” – SAYMYNAME

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Sliding over to the smooth, silky vibes of producer Daniel Allan now as he has announces his upcoming EP ‘Overstimulated’, alongside releasing new single ‘Say What You Want’ FT DEEGAN. Interestingly enough, this brand new EP project has been funded completely by using crypto through Mirror – raising 50 $ETH, or approximately $190k in a day from fans. Backers purchased NFTs with exclusive benefits like VIP tickets and received $OVERSTIM tokens to participate in governance.

Layered with sublime synths and expert production, Daniels skills shine threw on this chilled yet catchy new beat.

“Overstimulated is a project that comments on my personal journey and its overwhelming nature. When life gets hectic, my primary coping mechanism is to lock myself in a room and work it out with music. Sometimes I don’t really know how to communicate, so I suppose this project is my way of sharing that experience with the world.” Daniel Allan

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AMAVA turns it up a notch with new indie- pop single ‘Third Degree’. Acting as a revival to an old project, AMAVA has breathed new life into this single which features the young talented artist revisit some of her folk roots. A brief break in her usual repertoire of electronic, dance-floor hits, ‘Third Degree’ is a welcomed and refreshing musical palette cleanser which continues to showcase her unwavering versatility and capabilities.

I wrote “Third Degree” at a time where I was holding on to a lot of bitterness over people who weren’t going to therapy for the reasons I was in therapy. I’ve worked on it and moved on but the line ‘send your location please and I’ll send you a bill for all this fucking therapy,’ is probably as direct as you can get.” – AMAVA

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Rediisin is on our radar next with dreamy new single ‘There’s Somewhere Else’. Following on from the darker, brooding single “Pick Up The Phone // Escape”released earlier this year, this new track shows another side to the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist. To compliment and showcase his versatility ‘There’s Somewhere Else’ is overflowing with charm and shoe-gaze atmospheres, resulting in an endlessly infectious and interesting new release from Rediisin.

“is a passion project that started very differently than how I normally write music. I normally start music with a beat and start to spit on top of it similar to how hip-hop artists write music. There’s Somewhere Else started as a musical piece, something composed rather than improvised.” – Rediisin

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Finally and last but by no means least we have new single ‘Alone’ from indie rock, Norwegian singer-songwriter HM Johnsen. Having explored and experimented with a myriad of different genres in his journey so far, he’s tackled all things blues to rock, before moving to the realms of experimental indie rock. Now we see HM Johnsen veer off yet again with the delicate and vulnerable single ‘Alone’. With lashings of emotive piano chords and soft guitar, HM Johnsen lets his vocal truly shine through, building on the melancholia and atmosphere of such a beautiful ballad.

“I wrote the song Alone as a sort of therapy for myself at one moment last year. I was at a very low point and had no motivation, and no mood to feel happy or even laugh. I often feel that people encourage me to keep on with music and to keep on doing what I love, but at the same time, it sometimes can feel like there are no people that actually care about you as a person. I needed motivation, and someone to lift me up… So I wrote a song about this specific period of my life.” – HM Johnsen

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