Delve into RAEYA’s magical pop single ‘Escape’

In her new single ‘Escape’, RAEYA urges the listener to “leave the light on”, which isn’t a romantic request as one might expect, but instead advice from the musician’s heart to not give up hope. Later in the song, she also promises to leave a light on for you in return and we believe that shining embrace is her music.

The single evokes a sense of wanderlust, of escapism, of giving yourself permission to dream. That’s very much thanks to the calm atmosphere, ethereal vocals and bright electronic beats all of which draws a careful line between genres, existing in that grey spaces between pop, indie-folk and electronica.

Accompanying ‘Escape’ is a montage video where RAEYA ventures into her own happy-place, a fairground.

“I love writing music that is outside of the box. When I create, I want the concept I am writing about in the song to feel like an actual experience in the duration of that track. I wrote the song Escape around the concept of being transcended into a higher reality, free from anxiety, fear, pain, and heaviness. I wrote the piano and guitar parts in this track to escalade into an ethereal euphoria with the hopes that it can make people feel a moment of rest, safety, and peace. The words and lyrics are all about having an almost out of body experience, where you can seem to escape the pressures and heaviness that we feel in the world.

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