Andreww lifts the mood with ‘Surprise’

Purveyor of Grunge and 90’s style alt-rock, artist Andreww continues to broaden his horizons with the brighter, yet well-known sounds of his latest single, ‘Surprise’. Alongside the release, he also reveals a brand new visual which features endless grainy, warm and haze inducing shots, filled with 70’s textures.

Following his debut single ‘Talking to Myself’ back in 2020, Andreww has maintained his identity throughout the past year yet continues to grow with the refreshing twist of his latest offering. Delved into the blended sounds of electric guitars and 808 trap-infused beats, the multi-faceted musician softens his productions but continues to dissect his own thoughts in front of the world. 

Check out ‘Surprise’ below:

As I’m getting older, I’m thinking more about the notion of time and if you’re not careful days bleed into months and months bleed into years and before you know it you haven’t been part of your own life. Regarding the sound of the new song, I wanted to try something a bit different but still make sure it has my signature sound, and I really think that we managed to do that.” -Andreww

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