Albert Gold releases slice of soul-pop goodness ‘Want Me’

London based, singer, songwriter and all round artist Albert Gold has revealed his newest, smoothest slice of soul-pop goodness in the form of single & video for ‘Want Me’. Another glorious track to add to his steady, supple collection of soulful, pop inducing perfection, Albert Gold oozes freshness and talent from every pore. In preparation for his upcoming EP ‘Patterns’, ‘Want Me’ stands as the first single to kick start this brand new project.

Overflowing with sublime vocals and an epic range to match, ‘Want Me’ is packed with polished production and peppered with contagious hooks. Mellow, velvety and undeniably vibe-y, ‘Want Me’ is the perfect tune to add to your evening, chill out or dinner party playlist.

“‘Want Me’ was the second song I made for the new ‘PATTERNS’ project. The song came quite fast actually – it was the first session I did with producers Banjimak, Lvcebrown and Galyam. I wanted to write a empowered song for me and everyone: last year was quite a crazy one after losing so many people, some horrible breakups and just losing normality, and it was amazing to see everyone coming together, especially my black queer friends. I wanted to celebrate all of that and us being back together.” – Albert Gold

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