Ed Prosek returns with the intimately beautiful ‘If I Die’

Berlin- based artist and Jack of all musical trades Ed Prosek has returned with the utterly intimate and beautiful new single ‘If I Die’. The singer-songwriter, multi talented instrumentalist and producer yet again showcases his prowess with this gorgeously gooey new single to add to an ever growing, eclectic collection of tunes.

Shrouded in those ASMR like, tingly shivers, ‘If I Die’ is embedded with softness from the very first note. Encased in emotion and layered with lashings of love, this newest single is an achingly enchanting arrangement featuring warming guitar, peaceful piano tones and impactful drums, all held together with Ed’s characteristic and honey-like vocals.

Undulating with Folk toned melodies, ‘If I Die’ is another glorious example of Ed’s impeccable capabilities and talents to not only produce glowing musical offerings time after time but to also connect with his fans on a wavelength like no other.

“‘If I Die’ at its core is a love song that tries to describe the perspective and intransigence of two characters: One a statue, the other a painting,” explains Ed. “Their superficial differences make them appear as if they’re opposites, but from the right distance they’re more alike than not.” He continues, “I originally wrote the chorus to this song for another artist, but immediately fell in love with it and greedily never even showed it to them! I guess what they don’t know can’t hurt them!” – Ed Prosek.

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