Suffolk electro-pop dup AMETHYSTS share crystalline single ‘Frore’

Frore isn’t a word that you hear all that often, but for vocabulary enthusiasts, you might know it’s equivalent to “frosty” or “cold” and it’s still used in some parts of England. Perhaps it’s a word that the Suffolk duo AMETHYSTS have encountered in their local area, but whatever the case, it certainly is the perfect descriptor for the icy, glacial soundscape of their new electro-pop single.

It begins serenely with Clarice’s effortlessly emotive voice over Simon’s intricate guitars and floating electronica, but once that drum really kicks in after around a minute, we get the sense that unsteady tides are up ahead. As we learn from the band’s quote below, this song was written from the perspective of someone whose relationship has turned cold and they’re struggling to understand why. As such, as ‘Frore’ progresses, the intensity and complexity of the layered production mirrors the image of wading through a sea of thoughts, trying to find the answer that explains it all.

“Frore was written from an outsider’s perspective after a friend of ours opened up to us about their relationship turning frosty over time and not knowing how to fix it. We wanted to capture that feeling of uncertainty and emotion within the lyrics. Musically, we’ve been working on it for a while now. It was written during a jamming session with an arpeggiator loop and some intertwining guitar lines but since we’ve been playing it live we’ve developed it – We’ve changed the beat a few times, switched around a lot of the arrangement and built it into what it is now.”

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