Mini Melon Mix Ups: Lor, Stephen Moccio, Daz Rinko, Glennellen, 1tbsp, Lemonade Baby, Parker, seeyousoon and 4B

Happy Fri-yay pals, it’s our fave day of the week where we get to share some absolute bops with our fruity friends!

Tune in and turn it up for your weekend ready playlist below.

First up, hot off the press today is a brand new track from newcomer vocalist and songwriter LOR returns with her incredible second single, ‘Sip’, the follow-up track to her debut, ‘Used To’. In this new offering, LOR opens her heart and soul to discuss heartbreak, addiction and toxic love over a gorgeously minimalistic ukulele-driven instrumental.

“Sip is an emotional diary entry from a time where my head and heart felt ravaged. It’s about the sort of ‘crazy’ another person can swindle you into feeling – the madness starts to seep into your being. It becomes a sick, fun game you can’t stop playing.”


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Next is a new one from world renowned composer, producer and songwriter, Stephan Moccio. Following his acclaimed intimate album Tales of Solace in 2020, Stephan Moccio, announces a brand new record Lionheart, with , ‘Le Jardin De Monsieur Monet’ being the first single to be previewed from the forthcoming album, and what a beauty it is! Inspired by the Monet painting, ‘The Artist’s Garden at Giverny’, Moccio paints a similarly gorgeous and inspirational scene using sounds and atmospherics.

“I created both these albums because I very much needed to, on a personal level. With Tales of Solace, I was dealing with a lot of dramatic changes in my life, this album feels much more positive, like a rebirth. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I don’t really worry about other people’s opinions, and it felt right to name the album for the sort of courage that we all want to feel.”

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Daz Rinko steps onto the scene with his vibey visual for ‘When You Call Me’ next. The Memphis Hip-Hop artist brings a unique flavour to the track with a 90’s retro feel embedded within his flow and dusted over the video. Combining the best of both worlds, he delivers Old School vocals combined with current and clean production. Upbeat yet laid back, thus creating the perfect balance, this is a tune made for a drive down to the coast, rooftop down, wind blowing through your hair and ‘When You Call Me’ blasting through the speakers. Nicely done!

It’s funny how a song I wrote in 2019 has taken on so much new meaning. Having gone through a bad break-up more recently, the lyrics I wrote now hit so much closer to home. ‘When You Call Me’ is a record documenting the end of a relationship where both sides love one another but ultimately, they know that they’re not good for each other. It’s basically explaining the conflicting feelings of a bad break up.” – Daz Rinko

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Staying firmly fixed with the visuals this week, now we have new single ‘fanfiction’ from Glennellen. Oozing with pop sensibilities and accompanied by a breathtakingly beautiful video, Glennellen holds nothing back with this authentic and narrative driven track. Featuring an emotional, spoken word section, this track challenges the norm of the average pop song and Building to an epic and cathartic release, we love Glennellens vulnerable and unexpected offering in ‘fanfiction’.

“A relationship shared between two humans, a guy and a girl, broken apart. In this music video, as the audience: we are looking at what lies beneath the surface of what was once a magical relationship. One partner bore their soul, while the other only scratched the surface; therefore, not allowing for something deeper to evolve from the relationship. The pain inflicted on the partner who vulnerably gave their all to the relationship cannot even be seen by their surface-level partner. This causes a rift in communication, as they are both on completely different sides of the spectrum. She carries the truth, while only wearing his story. He wants the world, his peers, to only see him as the way he perceives himself. Eventually, the burden can no longer be carried by her.” – Glennellen.

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Up next in the mix is a double single release from aussie artist 1tbsp, which is a welcomed new side project from previously featured artist Golden Vessel. Ever exploring the never ending and vast chasm of the musical world these two new tracks “Dhollandia / Circles” take us ever deeper into the gorgeous atmosphere of Lo fi house and indie-dance. Inspired by a run of events and club-nights he has been hosting, 1tbsp represents a new path in the multitalented artists career, one we cannot wait to traverse further.

“I’ve been wanting to put some double singles together for 1tbsp that are a little more club orientated than the Kanashī EP. Over the last few months, I’ve been throwing these events in Brisbane with my friendConnor called“sumoclic night” which I’ve been DJing at, and it’s been so interesting to see what does & doesn’t work with the audience each night.”– Maxwell Byrn

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Staying down under, we’re playing second aussie artist Lemonade Baby’s brand new single ‘Is It Too Late’ next! Alt-pop with layers of Indie-dance threaded throughout, this tune is bouncy, warm and the definition of an absolute BOP. Oozing with catchy elements from the beat to the various vocal melodies that keep your ears intrigued and your head bobbing. Looking forward to more from this out of the ordinary artist.

“This song started with a sample I was playing around with, whichI thought was pretty cool. I then added the drums and the baseline, and when I woke up 4 hours later I gave it a beat and a loose melody…but then life got in the way. I actually lost this song on my hard drive for close to a year and a half, but when I rediscovered it, I changed a few things and then started working on the lyrics, which took a long time for me to settle on.I found it hard to put into words how I was feeling at the time, but Idid eventually get there.– Lemonade Baby

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LA based Parker blasts into play this week, with explosive tune ‘Dynamite’. Taken from his upcoming album the Gateway LP, this epic tune is yet another glorious showcase of skill and genius from the talented producer. Bursting at the seams with emotional, ear worm melodies and clean, crisp synths, this tune screams energy and is guaranteed to get you up and dancing.

“‘Dynamite’ was one of the first records I made for my upcoming album. It Captures everything I was feeling and even what people were feeling during such a hard time last year. I hope this record helps you as much as it helped me.” – PARKER

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Florida based, 9-piece outfit seeyousoon are on our radar this week, with new single and video for ‘Fix Your Face’. Tip top with energy this tune exudes an understated yet effortlessly cool vibe right from the very first beat. Layered with various synths, vocal styles and samples ‘Fix Your Face’ is a smorgasbord of musical prowess and cements seeyousoons position as an extremely unique and exciting fixture in this industry.

“Simply put, Fix Your Face is a song about getting weird looks from people in public. As a rather weird-looking group of people, we’re no strangers to this concept. It’s a feeling we wanted to harness and turn into something empowering. The next time you catch a weird glare just listen to the song and you’ll understand.” – seeyousoon

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Last but by no means least, we bring you another dance floor filler. This time in the form of 4B’s brand new track ‘There For You’. Overflowing with an addictive, driving bass and injected with a generous amount of Jersey Club, this tune is an intoxicating and impressive display of 4B’s expert production skills and ingenuity. Filled with heart-stopping builds, 4B brings the heat and turns the intensity up to boiling point before gorgeous descending into a fantastic fusion of popping bass and buzzing synths. Get ready to shake a leg with ‘There For You’.

“Been waiting a while to drop this one. It has been going off in all my sets for over a year now. So excited it’s finally out.” – 4B

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